Jessica C Griggs

Producer - Audio Engineer - Music Writer - Manager

Current projects

Up/Down Percussion ensemble

 Left to Right - Jonathan Mashburn, Jordan Walsh, Joel Castro, and James Klausmeyer. 

Left to Right - Jonathan Mashburn, Jordan Walsh, Joel Castro, and James Klausmeyer. 

"Our manager once said 'percussionists are like the imaginary numbers in math - you’re not 100% what they do, but you know you need them to complete the equation.' Here at Up/Down Percussion, we strive to embrace this philosophy. There is a deep understanding that percussion is simply an amalgamation of weird sounds, confusion, and instruments that aren’t entirely real; however, we also realize we spent years of our lives cultivating musicality and technique in this strange environment. With this awareness of the careers we chose for ourselves, we attempt to find the perfect balance of the cerebral and the casual in our music.

We sprung forth from the mighty tides of the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Georgia - or rather the practice rooms of the Schwob School of Music. If there was any confusion, Up/Down is a percussion quartet consisting of Joel Castro, James Klausmeyer, Jonathan Mashburn, and Jordan Walsh. We perform everything from bopping funk arrangements to standard percussion repertoire and new commissions. The group recently performed with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, released their debut album ‘Roots,’ and is in the midst of their first tour around the Southeast."

Currently the manager, recording engineer, and producer for Up/Down. 

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Past Recording projects


Up/Down's debut album. Release set for December 2017.  CD's Recording Engineer and Co-producer.  Music videos can be found below. 

"An Absolute Insufficiency of Electricity" takes its name from a particularly evocative chapter title in Haruki Murakami's novel "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle." In this chapter (no spoilers, I promise), the reader observes a married man an engaged woman share a single night together in a hotel room, never more than embracing, but forced in their embrace to confront the "absolute insufficiency of electricity" they both so distinctly feel in their lives.
Fixtures in the Fold was composed in spring of 2017. Prior to composing the work, a memoir I had been reading by musician/artist/poet Patti Smith had me thinking a great deal about the relationship between objects and memory. In her memoir, Smith looks to objects she has collected throughout her life to lend meaning to the present moment.

Full tilt

The second CD release of the Columbus State University Trombone Ensemble. A beautiful album that captures the versatility of the instrument. 

I had the prilivage of being the producer and recording engineer on this album, and can not contain my excitement for this project. If you are looking to buy a copy, CDs can be found of the Columbus State University Trombone website. 

Vital Signs

The solo CD of George Curran, the bass trombonist of the New York Philharmonic. A fantastic album that features compositions by Bourgeois, Gillingham, Gershwin, and many more. 

I had the opportunity of being the recording engineer, co-producer, and tape-op on this CD, and am extremely proud of the product. If you are interested in purchasing a copy or track off the album that can be found on iTunes. 


The CD of the Southeastern Trombone Symposium. A group effort from some of the greatest trombonist in the world. This CD truly encapsulates the essence of the trombone. 

I had the opportunity to be the assistant recording engineer on this project, and had a wonderful time working with these great musicians. If you are interested in buying a copy of the album, the CD can be found on the Schwob School of Music homepage. 


One of Gerry Pagano's, bass trombonist of the St. Louis Symphony, many solo CD's. A great album that captures beautiful melodic bass trombone playing. 

I had the privilege of being the assistant recording engineer and tape-op on this project. If you would like to purchase the CD, you can find it on Discogs.